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Motorhome hire Ajaccio, Corsica

RV Motorhome hire Ajaccio, Corsica:

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Motorhome hire ~ RV rentals ~ Campers ~ France ~ Ajaccio Corsica

Motorhome Type A

Recommended 2 Adults sleeping
Max. 2 Adults and 1 Child sleeping

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Motorhome for hire

Motorhome Type B

Recommended 4 Adults sleeping
Max. 4 Adults and 2 Children sleeping

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Motorhome hire Ajaccio Corsica


With so much to see and do on the wonderful island of Corsica, the best way to get around is in a hired camper van. Regardless of the size of your family or group, mobile homes can be rented for 2-6 people. For 2 adults, choose a compact 2 berth motor home, or a luxury model for 4 adults and 2 children. All the vehicles are equipped with air conditioning to make your journey as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. For those with little ones, all recreational vehicles come with toilets onboard so you never have to worry about finding convenient toilet stops! With showers, too, and hot running water there's the opportunity to freshen up at any time. Click the 'more details button' above to view full details of each campavan available to rent from Ajaccio in Corsica.

'I'ile de beaute' - the Island of Beauty is an appropriate name for this Mediterranean island with its fine sandy beaches, azure seas, snowcapped mountains, dense forests and amazing unspoilt countryside. With 2,000 varieties of plants on the island there's an abundance of colour. Corsica is also described as being the most geographically diverse island in the Mediterranean as well as being the most mountainous. Belonging to France you would be excused for believing it to be part of Italy due to the language being similar to the Tuscan dialect and the abundance of Italianate churches. The main tourist attraction is Corsica's natural history. Ajaccio is a sunny costal town on the west side of the island and is where you will collect your hired motorhome to commence your journey to explore this magnificent gem of an island. Ajaccio is also home to elegant squares and pavement cafes as well as many yachts. If you look out to sea, the small island group "Iles Sanguinaires" can be seen. The best place to enjoy the spectacular sunsets is Points de la Parata, the headland to the west of the city. If you travel north to Calvi, you will find the most delightful wild coastal scenery which is quite breathtaking. Calvi is a prosperous citadel town on the north coast and if you drive along the coast to l'Ile Rousse you will find the most spectacular beaches. For history lovers, travel south to Citadelle of Bonafacio perched on the limestone cliffs, a teon with medieval atmosphere. To explore on foot, base yourselves at Corte the old fortified town in the middle of the island. Be sure to sample all the local culinary delights from prisuttu (ham) and figatelli (liver sausage) to wild boar stew and cheese made from both goat's and ewe's milk. At the seaside, the main fayre, of curse, has to be seafish but also be sure to try the aziminu which is like the French boulabaisse and to round off visit a wine cellar to sample one of the 8 local wines.

After considering which campervan, caravanette of RV suits your needs, just let us know if you require any further information in order to make the most of your Corsican holiday. No doubt, you'll make friends along the way, who you meet on the road and at caravan parks and campsites. If you're pleased with our service you'll recommend us to them for their next touring vacation. When you meet the locals, they might also ask from whom you hired your motorcaravan. Special rates are available for short term RV rental and longer motorhoming holidays, both at competitive prices. Why are you waiting? Your rental camper is waiting for you to collect and drive off and discover this beautiful island and all it has to offer.

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