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RV Motorhome hire Albuquerque USA:

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Albuquerque ~ Motorhome hire ~ RV rentals ~ Campers ~ USA

We currently do not have a supplier in Albuquerque for motorhome rental, please visit one of the other depots in America or try one of the following:

Albuquerque ~ Camper van hire ~ Motorhome hire ~ RV rentals ~ Auto motor campers ~ USA

Driving a mortorhome from Alberquerque

Alberquerque, New Mexico is a wonderful area to visit in a rented RV to see the wild west. From Alberquerque you can travel in style at your own pace and take in the sights. Dallas is just over 1000 miles away, Denver 800 miles, Vegas 300 miles, LA 400 miles and San Francisco is 800 miles.

The Wild West route
To see some spectacular western scenery and escape it all in the comfort of your hired RV then Alberquerque is a great place to start your rental. Head out to Phoenix and then north through the Grand Canyon and onto Monument Valley. The great thing about a motorhome is that you just stop where you want and find a fantastic campsite, allowing you total flexibility. Pass through Moab (Utah) and then turn south into Nevada and to the 'western' town of Durango via Mesa Verde National Park. Santa Fe and Albuquerque are the next towns on the itinerary back to Phoenix. All told the route is approximately 2100 miles.

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