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Motorhome hire ~ RV rentals ~ Campers ~ Helsinki Finland

Motorhomes for hire, Rovaniemi Finland

Motorhome: small

sleeps 2 adults
1 child

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Motorhome: medium

sleeps 5 Adults

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Motorhome: large

sleeps 6 Adults

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Motorhome: x-large

sleeps 7 Adults

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Camper van hire ~ Motorhome hire ~ RV rentals ~ Auto motor campers ~ Finland

Hire and drive motorhomes from Rovaniemi, Finland

A large selection of motor homes and campervans can be rented in Rovaniemi, to sleep 2-7 people - make your selection from luxury recreational vehicles accommodating different numbers of people. Travelling with children is easy as all the campervans have their own toilets and showers onboard. Touring recreational vehicles suit a variety of holiday makers from groups of friends travelling together to those which are ideal for a couple with or without children. Perhaps a 4x4 RV would be suitable for travelling off the beaten track? Power steering will make the journey a little easier as you clock up the miles, and with cooking facilities you can prepare your own meals and snacks at any time and refreshing cold drinks can be plucked from the fridge whenever required. Check which rental motorhome most suits your needs for your camping holiday in Rovaniemi by clicking on the button 'more details' above.

Browse through the details of RV's (recreational vehicles), campers and caravannettes above - there will be one which suits your needs, and if you need any assistance, just ask for help. We would like you to have the touring holiday of your dreams so you can tempt your family and friends to book a similar trip. When they book a motorhoming holiday they will want to hire their recreational vehicle from us. We will only quote the best deal available to ensure value for money from your chosen vehicle for your mobile camping holiday. The range of travel homes and autocampers is extensive and there will be one which suits your needs ensuring your trip to Finland is as enjoyable as possible. Your rental motoring home will be ready for you to pick-up whenever you arrive in Rovaniemi. Enjoy your campervanning RV holiday.

Once you have collected your chosen rental motor home in Rovaniemi you will be keen to head off into Finnish Lapland and make the most of your touring holiday. One of the world's unspoilt regions, the land of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights, Lapland is sparsely populated but the people are most welcoming and friendly. The scenery is "out of this world" with forests, crystal clear lakes, fells and hills, not forgetting streams and fast flowing rapids. For the outdoor enthusiast, this is the perfect adventure holiday destination with plenty of walking, horse riding, canoeing, skiing and bird watching. For the less energetic, Rovaniemi has much on offer from museums and galleries to restaurants and musical events. Located 8km south of the Arctic Circle visitors come to Rovaniemi to view the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from this optimum position. Visible all year, the lights are at their best during the winter months when there is no sunshine. They can range up to 2,000km across the horizon and are truly magnificent, so don't miss the opportunity when in Finland. Oulu, the university town, is situated south of Rovaniemi, on the west coast of Finland, and offers a variety of culture and entertainment. Visit one of the museums and art galleries before strolling round the botanical gardens. End the day with a pre-dinner drink, in one of the outdoor bars where you'll almost certainly be serenaded, before opting to dine at one of the numerous restaurants. This busy city is also home to science, technology and research. From here, travelling about 200km north is the small town of Kuusamo which also makes an ideal base for seeing the region. Wild and full of natural beauty, this peaceful area will allow you to have a very special holiday. Enjoy all it has to offer - you might find you want to come back!

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